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Welcome To Fab Wood !

A one stop shop for buying high quality wood including Wenge, Sycamore, Spruce, Sapele Wood and many other options..

Wood has been an essential component for our survival and finds a wide range of applications in furniture, paper production, packaging and construction industry. Man survived in the wild forging weapons made of wood and built fires that would keep him warm and protected from predators during the night. We, Fab Wood, are a leading Manufacturer, dealing in a wide range of superior grade wood such as Natural Pine Wood, Steam Beech Wood, White Oak Wood, Thermo Ash Wood, White Ash Wood and Natural Rubberwood. Our Walnut wood and Teak wood are a popular choice for the manufacture of high end furniture and are offered at the best prices in the market. The 25 adept professionals working with us are fully capable of understanding the specific requirements of our clients and providing the most apt solutions. We also provide a range of payment options that allow for ease of transactions and thus make doing business with us a smooth experience .